Plus Points for Max Cash Loans


If you will consider the many attractive features of Max Cash Loans, you will not hesitate in using their financial services should you find yourself needing emergency cash. It is better to think about this now, rather than be faced with a financial need and you don’t know where to turn to.


The positive things about Max Cash Loans that make them a wise option are as follows:


  • You have a chance of getting a loan even if your previous credit record is not that good. They are not so much interested with your past as they are with your current financial capability.
  • They offer a fast solution to your money problems. This is exactly what you need to get you out of the financial straits you found yourself in.
  • They offer more flexibility than other money lenders. Their normal repayment period is from 6 to 12 months. But they can flex this term depending on your needs.
  • You can apply for a loan just as long as you are an Australian citizen, 18 years old or above, and earning at least $500 a week. Their online loan application is available anywhere in Australia.


Telcoinabox Offers Wholesale Telstra SHDSL Internet & WAN  

Telcoinabox now offers wholesale Telstra BDSL. Because of this, business customers now have options for the advanced SHDSL product which comes with a superior SLA. BDSL is actually SHDSL which is a dedicated single pair 2Mbps symmetrical or bonded 2 pair 4Mbps symmetrical connection. It is completely different from ADSL. The ‘Business Broadband’ service comprises a mix of ADSL and SHDSL (aka BDSL by Telstra) products that are actually Telstra Internet Direct products now labelled as ‘Business Broadband’.


Telcoinabox’s offer of wholesale Telstra BDSL provides a much higher level of recurring margin to wholesalers than a standard ADSL service. A choice of Cisco Routers and Switches are available based on the business or office requirements for the service. Customers also enjoy access to online portals for management of their services and Service Providers will benefit from the ease of provisioning, reporting and management of our systems.



  • Use of Telstra’s existing infrastructure, saving you capital costs.
  • Takes advantage of Telstra’s extensive network of over 2000 enabled exchanges to provide seamless network connectivity.
  • Provides dedicated PVC bandwidth to all of your customers.
  • Offers flexible configuration choices, bandwidth choices and simple integration that can be tailored to your business needs.